How it works

  • Send an email and make a booking.
  • Upload your tracks to wetransfer and send them to Lars.
  • Send as much information as possible about the music.
  • When the mix is done, you will receive a download link for approval (mp3).
  • When the mix is approved, you will receive a paypal payment request (wired transfer also possible).
  • When the payment is received, you will receive a download link for the finished files.
  • For further information, please check “Before sending your song”.

What you will receive

  • Main mix (ready for mastering).
  • Mastered version of main mix (ready for release).
  • Intrumental version.
  • Singback version.
  • A cappella version.

Before sending your music

Please read this FAQ carefully before sending your music.


Your files must be WAV or AIFF at 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96kHz; 16 or 24 bit. You cannot send session files or mp3. Only the mentioned formats are accepted.

Identical start and end point

All tracks must be bounced/consolidated so they have the same start and ending point.

Are your tracks clean?

All tracks must be cleaned. Remove anything that should not be audible in the mix. This includes making silence where, for example, guitarist does not play but are recorded anyway. If you haven’t done this, it can be done for an additional cost. Please contact Lars for more information.

Tuning & Timing

It is your responsibility to ensure the tracks provided are ready for mixing. Please don’t assume any tuning or timing issues will be resolved. It is in your best interest to do any tuning and editing in your time, so Lars Tirsbæk can spend his time mixing your song (and not correcting your errors). However, if a small amount of vocal tuning is desired, we can work it out. Large amounts of tuning and editing will be charged and will delay the turnaround time.

Sound Replacement

If you want to use sound replacement, this must be done before the mix. If you want Lars Tirsbæk to do this, it can be done for an additional cost.

VST & Software Instruments

Remember to bounce all VST/software instruments to audio files before sending.


All tracks must be dry. Please bounce all tracks without any effects. If there is some production specific effects, please send both a dry and a wet version.


Please give the tracks easily identifiable names. (BD.wav, SN.wav, piano_left.wav, Lead_vox.wav, lead_vox_dub.wav etc).

Clipping and Distortion

Avoid all types of clipping on the tracks. If an audio file is clipping/distorted it CAN NOT be fixed in the mix.

Transferring the Files

Please send the files via WeTransfer. All the audio files for the mix must be in a zip folder named with the name of the artist, song name and the BPM:



If it’s possible, please send a commercial reference track and a rough mix of the song.

Terms and Conditions

The WAV files must be uploaded in the correct format and ready for download 3 days before the session.

Changes to the mix due to unnoticed errors in the delivered files or later changes in the production will be charged as extra editing.

You may cancel a booking of a single song 5 weekdays in advance (10 weekdays in advance for more than one track.)