Online Mix

Lars Tirsbæk‘s Online Mix service allows you to upload the files you need mixed. When the job is done, Lars will make sure a quick return download is available for you.

The importance of a good mix

Having someone else mix your music is a delicate task – a job, which requires responsibility, technical expertise and musical understanding. Whether the genre is classical, heavy metal, jazz or electronic, Lars Tirsbæk is the right mix technician for the task.

What is a good mix?

A good mix may be defined by certain elements. When Lars is working on your music, the overall goal is to find a perfect balance of these elements. The elements are:

  • Volume Balance – The relationship between the levels of the different musical elements
  • Frequency – having all frequencies properly represented, both on single instruments and in the overall picture
  • Pan – All the music elements must have the right place in the sound field
  • Dimension –  effects like reverbs and delays help to define the dimensions of the mix
  • Dynamics – Proper shaping and control of the envelope of a track or instrument
  • Interest – a certain something that makes your song sound special

100% satisfaction

Online Mix has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means, you will receive your music for approval prior to payment – revisions are a free service.

Audio Examples

Find audio examples on the “services” page